St. John is renowned as the most pristine and luxuriant of the four main islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands. The U.S.V.I. belong to the northern Leeward Islands chain in the Lesser Antilles where the warm, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea meet the grand North Atlantic Ocean. With its natural beauty and endless opportunities for adventure, St. John is a remarkable destination you will want to visit time and time again.


From low-key hiking adventures, sunset sails and relaxing on one of the island’s idyllic white sand beaches to exhilarating diving expeditions, deep sea fishing and island-hopping on a powerboat, St. John unforgettably lives up to its nickname, “Love City.”

There is a magical and romantic charm about St. John that sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations. Maybe it is because 60% of the island consists of National Park land, or perhaps it’s the delightful, quaint towns of Cruz Bay and Coral Bay that offer its visitors exceptional shopping, entertainment and culinary experiences? You and your family can make your own special Love City memories as Leeward St. John’s guest in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Trunk Bay, St. John USVI


St. John is the smallest of the four main islands of the U.S.V.I.

  • St. John lies between the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

  • At its widest points, St. John is approximately 13.5 miles long and six miles wide and home to a small population of about 5,000 residents.

  • The highest elevation is 1,277 feet at Bordeaux Mountain.

  • A passport is not required to travel to St. John. After a short taxi and ferry ride from the nearest airport, Cyril E. King International Airport (STT), on St. Thomas, you will arrive in St. John to begin your memorable vacation at Leeward St. John.

Stingray underwater

World Class Diving and Snorkeling Destination

A healthy, vibrant undersea world flourishing with diverse marine life awaits divers and snorkelers of all levels. The cerulean waters surrounding St. John are warm and crystal clear with 60-100 ft visibility and temperatures ranging from the high 70s in the winter months to the mid-80s in the summer.

Diving and snorkeling spots are endless and span from shallow snorkel trails just steps from pristine white-sand beaches to historic shipwrecks and brilliant reef walls reachable only by boat. More than 18,000 acres of St. John’s offshore underwater habitat of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove shorelines that support sea turtles, corals, and other marine life are managed and preserved by the Virgin Islands National Park. The long-term protection of this island paradise’s natural resources highlights St. John’s appeal as a unique and exquisite Caribbean destination.

From Leeward St. John, you will overlook Rendezvous Bay, one of the most amazing spots for snorkeling and diving in St. John!

Mongoose Junction St John


Cruz Bay and Coral Bay on St. John offer a wide variety of exciting and fun shopping selections found in local arts and crafts shops to chic boutiques and jewelry stores. Explore the picturesque, beachfront Wharfside Village and quaint Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay to shop for one-of-a-kind items or leisurely stroll through the unique, eclectic stores in Coral Bay where time seems to stand still. You will also find specialty stores during your scenic drive to these beautiful towns only a short distance from Leeward St. John. Take time to enjoy your intriguing shopping adventure and find that special treasure that will be an everlasting reminder of your St. John vacation!

Bars and Restaurants

Only a few minutes’ drive from Leeward St John you will find a wide range of bars and restaurants. The St. John dining scene features laid-back beach bars, casual outdoor cafes and fine dining restaurants with breathtaking ocean views. You will no doubt satisfy your palate by partaking in fresh and creative dishes in all types of cuisine. And, don’t forget to try the local spices, hot sauces, desserts and other specialty foods and drinks found throughout the island.

The Beach Bar - St. John
St. John restaurant